Our Wish List

Donations of any of the following items would be gratefully received and used directly to help the neglected, suffering, and abused stray cats and dogs in Sri Lanka. Any second-hand, reconditioned, short dated and unused items can be utilised.

  • All flea and tick treatments – Frontline, Promeris, Advantix, Advocate, Advantage, flea/tick collars

  • Wormers – Milbemax, Drontal, Panacur

  • Ear drops-antibiotic and cleansing solutions

  • Eye drops/ointment -antibiotic

  • Shampoo – Veterinary products (Maleseb) medicated and conditioning  

  • Puppy and kitten milk – Whelpi, Cimicat and Lactol and feeding bottles

  • Collars and leads – All sizes

  • Dog bowls and toys

  • Carriers and fold away crates

  • Any Veterinary books

  • Bandages – all types – soffban, co form, co plus/vet wrap, cotton wool, micropore tape

  • Wound dressings – melolin, Jelonet, Allevyn, Primapore, Aquacel and all others.

  • Wound and skin treatments – creams, sprays, gels – Intrasite/Citrugel, Dermosil, Wound powder, Aloe Vera, antibiotic sprays, Fuciderm gel, Cortavance spray.

More wishes...
  • Gloves – medium and sterile gloves sizes 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5

  • Haemostat powder, pads or dressings

  • Clipper blades

  • Clinic Equipment

    X-ray machine, Developer and viewer
    X-ray cassettes and film

    Basic Ultrasound scanner

    Anaesthetic machine, Breathing circuits – T-piece, Baines, Parallel Lack, Magills and anaesthetic gas (Isoflourane), Oxygen masks


    Basic blood testing machine, Centrifuge (blood spinner), PCV Reader

    Refractometer and Urine Dipsticks

  • Wound cleaners/surgical scrubs – Hibiscrub, Iodine, Surgical spirit

  • Syringes -  1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml and 50ml

  • Needles – Green 21g x 5/8, Blue 23g x 5/8, Orange 25g x 5/8

  • Disinfectant – Trigene, Virkon

  • Intravenous Catheters – Jelco 20g pink, 22g Blue, 24g Yellow and 21g Butterfly catheters

  • Fluid therapy giving sets – Standard, Paediatric and spiral

  • Intravenous fluids – Saline and Hartmans

  • Microscope slides and cover slips, Microscope oil, Leishmans stain and ‘Diff quick’ solution

  • Instrument cleaner and cold steriliser solution

Surgical Instruments:

  • Artery forceps – curved and straight, Spay forceps, Rat toothed forceps, Scalpel handles, Towel clips, Scissors – mayo and metzenbam, Needle holders – olsen hagers and Gillies, Allis tissue forceps, Bone cutters

  • Surgical drapes – disposable or washable

  • Suture material – Nylon, PDS, Monocryl, Vicryl, Visorb, Catgut – all sizes but mostly 2 and 3 metric

  • Suture needles – straight, cutting, half cutting and round bodied

  • Surgical blades – sizes 10 and 15 and Swabs
  • Drugs:

Antibiotics – Injectable and tablets-all types especially Amoxicillin, Penicillin, Cephalexin, Metronidazole and long lasting antibiotics – especially Convenia,

Pain relief – Injectable and tablets, Metacam/Flexicam, Rimadyl, Vetergesic

Steroids – Injectable and tablets

Antiemetics – Injectable and tablets – Cerenia and Metocloprimide

Tick Fever treatments – Oxytetracycline, Doxycycline tablets, Imidocarb Diproprionate injectable, Vitamin B12 injectable

Mange Treatments – Ivermectin, Aludex  

Poison Treatment- Vitamin K and snake antivenom (polyvalent)