VIP visit to our site 

‘Madam, this is like Pinnawela…but instead of elephants, its dogs’

The Chief Inspector of Public Health, on visiting our project in October 2009

In October 2009 we received a visit by officials from the Divisional Public Health Department. The officials were given a tour of our site and buildings and were immensely impressed with our project and facilities. The Chief Inspector compared our project to the famous elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka which is a wonderful compliment for such a new venture. The visit culminated in a joint working partnership to eliminate rabies in the area through a coordinated vaccination and sterilisation program. The officials agreed to provide rabies vaccines and also suitable facilities for outreach work which is necessary to meet our high standards of animal welfare. This joint project, in partnership with local government, is a major step forward towards achieving our ultimate goals and vision-alleviating animal suffering and a rabies free Sri Lanka.