Our Mission

To alleviate the suffering of animals, particularly the strays in Sri Lanka.

To stabilise the stray cat and dog population through humane and co-ordinated animal birth control programmes-spay and neutering. All animals will receive routine health screening prior to surgery and postoperative care after surgery. Stabilising the stray population not only promotes the health and well-being of the animals, but also creates a happier, healthier, and more tolerant environment for all to enjoy.

To work in partnership with local communities and authorities to implement effective and co-ordinated rabies vaccination programmes to reduce and in the long-term eliminate the risk of rabies in humans and animals.

Acquire land for a no-kill sanctuary base for long-term disabled and other vulnerable street animals - those who would not cope on the streets. These animals will live out their lives in peace with the love and care they deserve. The refuge/sanctuary will be run to western standards and protocols.

To build a veterinary clinic on our land and provide the highest standards of veterinary care and surgical facilities for stray animals and our sanctuary based animals.

To conduct routine blood testing and prompt treatment for tropical and common diseases. These diseases are rife in Sri Lanka and kill thousands of animals through the lack of a simple blood test. Parasite preventative protocols will be routinely implemented.

To provide a re-homing/ adoption scheme for strays and other abandoned animals.

To provide suitable kennelling facilities: maternity, recovery, isolation, and intensive care.

To work with Sri Lankan partnerships to improve the welfare of animals in Sri Lanka and achieve the implementation of effective animal welfare legislation.

To implement animal welfare education programmes promoting loving kindness, respect, compassion, and tolerance towards animals, particularly the strays who endure great suffering and persecution on the streets.


Why Sri Lanka?

There are thousands of stray animals in Sri Lanka suffering from horrific injuries, malnutrition, disease, and harsh treatment at the hands of humans.

Dogs and cats with fractured spines, severed limbs, and maggot infested wounds; pups and kittens on festering rubbish tips; animals slowly dying of tick fever, womb infections and bleeding tumours–suffering in agony until they die.

This ocean of suffering and misery is heartbreaking for any animal lover to witness, let alone to walk away from.

With the risk and associated fear of rabies, strays are often demonised especially when large packs form near local communities.

Animal SOS Sri Lanka, a UK registered charity, was founded on the vision of Kim Cooling who after witnessing the appalling plight of animals in Sri Lanka, particularly the strays, decided to take action to help them.

With a distinct lack of safe havens and veterinary care available to strays in Sri Lanka, our work and facilities will be a lifeline to many otherwise doomed animals.