Running a marathon for Animal SOS Sri Lanka

Many thanks to our wonderful supporter Janet Burns in Scotland, for running the Women’s 10k Marathon in Glasgow on Sunday 18th May 2008 and again this year on 10th May 2009.

Janet reached the finishing line in 1 hour 3 minutes and 29 seconds-a brilliant achievement!

She has raised over £657 for Animal SOS Sri Lanka from the two events and is still fundraising for us in Scotland. Well done Janet and a big thank you to everyone who sponsored her.

Janet says- ‘I have ran, not jogged, the ladies 10K to raise vital funds for Animal SOS Sri Lanka. I wish to send a huge thank you to everyone who generously donated to such a wonderful cause.

I first heard about the work of Animal SOS Sri Lanka in April 2008, and after witnessing the plight of animals first hand in Sri Lanka, I am so thankful that this charity are actively involved in helping them.

When I volunteered to work at the elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka, I witnessed the reaction of the locals when I touched the stray cats and dogs and tried to help them. Education is the key to change, and Animal SOS Sri Lanka will work with local communities to change attitudes towards animals, and will also focus their education programme towards the younger generations.

I am ready to travel to Sri Lanka in the near future. It is my way of making a difference and helping a multitude of animals in desperate need.

I urge fellow animal lovers to do likewise’.

Jumble Sales in the Isle of Wight

A big thank you to our lovely team of supporters in the Isle of Wight- Pauline, Liz, Karen, Jess, Margaret, June and Brian.

These wonderful animal lovers do regular jumble sales for Animal SOS Sri Lanka and their last sale in November raised £410 for the charity!

Their home made cakes and other delicious food are always in demand and sell like hotcakes!

Well done to the team and thank you again for all your wonderful efforts and support in helping us to help the desperate animals in Sri Lanka.



As a small ‘hands-on’ registered charity we are always desperate for funds to continue with our lifesaving project in Sri Lanka.

If you want to help us alleviate the suffering of animals in Sri Lanka and fight against the curse of rabies, please consider fundraising for us. We urgently need fundraisers around the country.

There are many ways to raise funds:

bulletRunning a marathon for our charity is a fantastic way to raise money and advertise our organisation. Please do consider us if you have the opportunity to participate in these events. 

bulletSponsored walks, quiz nights, fun events, coffee mornings, fashions shows, doing a cake bake, discos, jumble sales, bungee jumps, are just some ideas. 

bulletAnything you can do to raise valuable funds for us would be greatly appreciated. Every penny raised will help us save the lives of desperate animals and ensure the continuation of our vital work in Sri Lanka.


Together we can make a difference and save lives.


Please contact June Brook, Tel: 020 8504 3220, for more information about how you can help.

Our forthcoming charity fundraising events for next year will soon be advertised.

Click on the pictures above to see some of our wonderful fundraisers


Car Boot Sales

A big thank you to our wonderful supporters in Manchester- Pat and her mum Monica, who have raised over £500 for Animal SOS Sri Lanka from car boot sales.

Pat and Monica have also established important contacts with local vets who are kindly donating some vital supplies for our veterinary clinic in Sri Lanka. These supplies are being used for the desperate strays we treat.

Pat will be visiting our project in Sri Lanka in the coming months and is looking forward to seeing our delightful site dogs that she has helped to save through her fundraising efforts.

Car boot sales are a fantastic way to raise funds for Animal SOS Sri Lanka.

Please consider helping us in this way.


Raise Funds for Free!

There are many sites that let you donate with absolutely no additional costs to you. Click on any of the links below to see how. We will keep this page updated with more links when they are available.

Thanks again for your interest in helping Animal SOS Sri Lanka! We really appreciate it!


The Equity Redstar Brentwood Half Marathon-Sunday 21st March 2010

Barbara one of our wonderful supporters and volunteers, is running the Equity Redstar Brentwood Half Marathon for Animal SOS Sri Lanka on Sunday 21st March 2010. Barbara has been training hard and is determined to finish the 13 miles for the stray animals of Sri Lanka even if she has to walk some of it!
The best of luck Barbara.


London Marathon-Sunday 25th April 2010

Daniel Catt is running the London Marathon for Animal SOS Sri Lanka and Greek Animal Rescue.

Daniel says;
This year I shall be running the London Marathon for both Animal SOS Sri Lanka and Greek Animal Rescue. I have mum to thank for nominating these charities. Last year I raised over £2000 for the Maidstone and Tunbridge branch of the RSPCA.

In the 2009 London Marathon, I ran the course in 3 hours and 21 minutes. This year, I aim to beat this by at least 3 minutes to wind up my cousin who ran it in 3 hours 18 minutes. The most important thing though is to raise as much money as possible for 2 very worthy charities.
Thank you for your support


The money raised for this event will be divided equally between two registered charities-Animal SOS Sri Lanka and Greek Animal Rescue.

Please contact us via the website for sponsorship forms for either event.

Running a marathon for Animal SOS Sri Lanka

Congratulations to Daniel who ran the London Marathon in 3hours 38minutes and raised £530 for Animal SOS Sri Lanka.

A big thank you to Daniel for this wonderful achievement.

Daniel at the marathon



Janet reached the finishing line in 1 hour 3 minutes and 29 seconds-a brilliant achievement!




daniel at the london marathon

Daniel reached the finish line in 3 hours 38 minutes - a brilliant achievement!