Thank you so much for choosing to donate to Animal SOS Sri Lanka. Your donation will enable us to help the animals of Sri Lanka.

We completely rely on your generosity to carry on with our vital work in  Sri Lanka . As you can see from our website, our work is a lifeline to so many suffering and otherwise doomed animals. We are making a huge difference and the results are overwhelming. Therefore, every penny we receive can make a difference between life and death for these unfortunate souls, as well as securing them a brighter future. 

The scope of our work and vision can only be determined by the funds we receive. As animal lovers striving to make a difference to the lives of thousands of dying and suffering animals, we want to reach as many of them as we can. We want to expand our work and initiatives to other areas in Sri Lanka , particularly our rabies control programme-saving the lives of humans and animals. To achieve this we require funding and support.

Our charity team in the UK all work on a voluntary basis to ensure that vital funds go directly on providing lifesaving facilities, rehabilitation, and alleviating animal suffering. Financial donations in whatever quantity is the lifeline of our charity and the animals we are striving to help in Sri Lanka .

We also require equipment and other vital supplies for our veterinary clinic and have compiled a 'Wish List'. If you can donate any items included in the list we would be very grateful. These supplies will be used to help suffering strays that have nothing but our determination to improve their quality of lives and futures.