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Welcome to our website which will provide you with information about our vital work with the stray animals in Sri Lanka, the challenges we face, and our vision for the future. I would personally like to thank all the wonderful animal lovers who have given us their support over the last few months.

Because of this support, we now own a 4 acre plot of land in the south of Sri Lanka, an emergency veterinary clinic to treat sick and injured stray animals, and a safe haven for the vulnerable and abused. We are now able to save the lives of many otherwise doomed animals, providing high standards of veterinary care including blood screening and postoperative care after sterilisation- which is vital to ensure the survival of the animals.

Sterilising and vaccinating stray animals not only reduces unwanted litters being born to a harsh life on the streets, but also helps to control the spread of rabies which, despite all current initiatives, is still prevalent in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is among the top ten countries in the world that have the highest reported rate of human deaths due to rabies.

We have a monumental task ahead and face many challenges along the way, but we are a strong and committed team driven only by compassion for the thousands of suffering and dying street animals in Sri Lanka and a vision of hope to secure a brighter future for them. With your support we can make a difference.











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